Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween weekend

This weekend we went out to the lakehouse with some friends and fam for Halloween weekend. There was some Canton time, lots of food, and the boys played golf...but, mostly we just had a great time busting out the boots, hooded sweatshirts, hot chocolate, and the fire pit for roasting marshmallows. Our weekend consisted of 10 adults, 4 dogs, and a baby. Such a fun time!
Picnik collage
Kinley loved playing with dogs...a little too much....there's always a first time to get covered in dog poo. Yuck!
kinley washing up
Alex put this marshmallow on the fire and just let it sit there and let it burn to a crisp and of course had to taste it. Yuck again!
Alex's marshmallow
Then for Trick-or-Treating we went to Matt and Aly Booth's in Dallas with The Barstads and the Bob and Allison Booth's. I was beyond thrilled to get to spend Halloween with my sweet friends this year! We were all inspired by Jeff's amazing 30th birthday party that Kris threw him a couple weeks ago and while shopping for that we picked up some mini 20's attire for the kiddos. Last minute the adults decided not to dress up....the Rangers were was an early and quick trick or treat. But, all the kids had a blast! They played, ate candy, danced, ate candy, and trick-or-treated for more candy! Ben Barstad and his entourage of 7 girls were pretty dang cute! So much fun.
Aly hosted an amazing night with such cute decor and amazing food and I could not have asked for more fun!
party food and decor
Kinley did pretty great trick-or-treating. I was not sure she would really get it...but, the non-stop candy was definitely enough for her to keep going up to the doors with the "big girls."
The big girls
These are the "Big Girls!"
trick or treating
IMG_3337 copy
Until next Halloween!


Honey said...

Oh my gosh! Those are the cutest flapper girls and Ben was the most handsome fella! And the lakehouse looked like a great time, too. What a fun Halloween weekend.

kristen said...

so so cute!! i love the whole post!! love it!