Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I saw this post on my friend Mindy's blog, which is so cute by the way, about 50 free Christmas Cards from Shutterfly for bloggers! It is such a good deal, I could not pass it up. I use Shutterfly alot for printing pics and I even made a calendar one time for my grandma for her birthday. I looked around many of the popular sites for Christmas cards this year (i.e. Snapfish, Tiny Prints, etc.) and I really do think Shutterfly has the best layout options for the best price. I really like how you can have a picture collage and that the pictures go all the way to the this one. I had already decided to use Shutterfly when I say Mindy's blogpost! What a small world. So, if you are a blogger, you should go to here and register for 50 free Christmas cards. And, if you aren't a blogger, you should still look on Shutterfly for some awesome Christmas Card and Holiday Card this one, or this one.

On the Christmas Card note....we tried to have a very amateur photo shoot with Mendy and Alex for our Christmas card pictures...and Kinley was NOT into smiling or cooperating. Here are some blooper pics that didn't make the cut:
We are laughing because she is so NOT cheesy anymore.
Not sure what this face is.

Maybe a few from this session will work...or we may have to try again another day! Either way...can't wait to send and receive all those Christmas Cards this season!
Merry Christmas!


kristen said...

yall are SO CUTE!!! i cant wait to see the christmas card!

Mindy Rives said...

I ordered my 50 FREE cards a couple of days ago!! Did have to pay for taxes and shipping, but no complaints there! Happy Christmas!!!