Tuesday, June 22, 2010

a new friend

On Saturday, Kinley and I went to a couples shower (Ben was at David Read's Bachelor Party) for Amy and Danny...who's wedding is like in 2 and half weeks by the way!!...and Kinley met a new friend, Ellie. Ellie is Amy's cousins daughter...just like Kinley is...but, on the other side. Kinley immediately loved Ellie and wanted to follow her everywhere and copy everything that she did. Ellie was so sweet to entertain Kinley, hug on her, and keep her out of trouble. She was a big helper! I took all these pics from my phone because my camera battery was out and I did not get a single picture of the future bride and groom...but, look forward to a fun bachelorette party post this weekend!! I have a few fun and creative ideas in store!
Kinley kept trying to climb over the little fence to get in the water fountain....but, Ellie was very sweet in telling her "No, Kinley...don't get in the water."
Picnik collage

One of the cutest things was when my cousin, Scott, entertained the little kiddos. Here are some pics of Scott being a "babysitter" for Ellie, her big brother Aiden (Nerf gun in hand), and Kinley. I looked over and they were just all sitting like this in perfect semi-circle fashion around Scott. So cute! I love these!
I know Kinley will be so excited to Ellie and Aiden at other wedding events for Amy and Danny!

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Honey said...

You need to recruit Scott for babysitting! Minus the beer!