Wednesday, June 9, 2010

first invitation creation

I have been quite obsessively playing on our new iMac since we got it on Memorial Day. It is my first Apple computer and I have to say...I LOVE it! I am definitely a big fan. So far, I have been loading all our music and pictures and just figuring out all the differences between an iMac and a PC. Of course Ben HAD to have the 27inch, it is kind of obnoxiously huge..but, I still love it. It just is crazy to me that the computer is the cords...only a power cord. I am so behind the times!
My first couple creative projects on the iMac have been for Mendy and Alex's upcoming wedding. I helped them put together a cute informational flyer about booking travel to their wedding with pictures of them..etc. It was cute. And today I made my first bridal shower invitation! It is not the best....kinda looks homemade...but, it is what we wanted color and theme-wise. My bridesmaid dress is bright and pale coral and they are getting married on the beach in this is what I came up with!

I loved doing this and I can't wait to make some more invites!


kristen said...

linds that is amazing!! i love it!!!!

Allison said...

I LOVE the new mac and the invite!

Nina said...

It looks great! I use one at work and love them, wish I had it at home too. What did you use to make the invite? I made Brawleys invite last year on the Mac :)