Tuesday, June 15, 2010

10 years later...

This weekend was fun and crazy for our 10 year reunion. Most of these pics are all over Facebook or on Lullaby Lubbock...but, I thought I needed to post just a few pics. Here are some cute 10 years later pics of us before the reunion. We kinda took them prom-style since all our pics from before prom were in my mom and dad's backyard. So fun!
IMG_1360photo shoot

Here are the TRUE 10 years later pics....

From the actual reunion
reunion 4Reunionreunion 6

I hope the 20 year is just as fun!


Allison said...

what a fun weekend! I love all the pics! wonder what the kid pic will look like at the 20 year reunion?!

RanAshKenCoop said...

Love your pictures, Lindsay! My 10 year reunion is coming up this fall, probably about 4-6 weeks after I have Cooper! I told Mom today that it will be just in time for me to still be all puffy!! But, I love your dress and think I need to get it - where is it from?

Honey said...

You are all HOT MAMAS!! And we thought you were gorgeous ten years ago...you're all even prettier now!

Lindsay said...

Thanks Ash! My dress is BCBG...I am sure you would look fab in it! I can't wait to see your pics too!