Thursday, June 3, 2010

family memorial day and a new Aggie!

This Memorial Day for us was filled with fun family goodness!! Sunday night, this cool guy graduated from Richland High School!
Way to go Bryan James Grant! He will now be the 9th Aggie on the Joyner side of our family (including 2 fiances) and we couldn't be more excited!
Bryan's GraduationKinley loved graduation because she got to eat dippin dots the whole time!
dippin dots

Monday we had a great Howe-side get together at Lois and Jack's. It was fun to have 3 babies there! It is fun to see them all interact and play together. Kinley kept trying to give Luke all kinds of love and play with all his toys.
luke and kinley
Picnik collage
It is sad now that all we do is pretty much stand around and watch babies play. But, I cute are they!!

Definitely Kinley's favorite thing of the far...was playing "Cornhole" with the boys. She would stand right in the middle and even on top of the goals, try to get the bean bags and stick her hand in the holes. After their turns, she would follow them to the other end and crawl up on it. It was so funny to watch!


Then we all went inside.... to watch them again...Kinley and Aubrey danced and danced to the music table. IMG_2233IMG_2232

We can't wait to get together again soon!
September Family Reunion....Here we Come!!

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