Wednesday, June 2, 2010

lakerats...and re-furbished furniture

We are quickly becoming lakerats and after a quick turnaround from Kinley's crazy penicillin reaction...we went to the lakehouse over the long weekend with our sweet friends the Fogles.

The backyard has a fantastic "beach" area that babies can just walk right down into the in the sand...and float to their hearts content. It even has a fabulous tree over it during the hottest part of the day so that there is shade for that precious skin.
Picnik collage

It sounds gross...but, the last owners left a paddle boat. We totally power washed it and scrubbed it down before we used it..but, it was just so fun! The girls had a blast riding around (even in like 4 feet of water). Even Bana wanted to join the fun on the paddle boat.
IMG_2157Picnik collage
We rode on the boat some and Kinley and Eden wore their "Dora" lifejackets and never even fussed just because they had "Dora" on.
All the water play was fun..but, the general silly-ness of two crazy girls was fun too. Kinley loves to climb in and out of the chairs on the deck and kicked around an inflatable ball all weekend. They also found a new hiding place in the kitchen cabinets and Eden dressed herself in one of Ben's cut-off undershirts and a tupperware hat.
IMG_0234Picnik collage

We even managed to do a little work while we were there...well, Ben did a ton of work...but, I mainly tried to keep our sick baby distracted and happy! But, we did bring in the furniture I painted and work on Kinley's room some. Since it connects to our room, the decor has to correspond...but, I wanted to make it a little more "kid-friendly." So, here is the before and after for Kinley's room!

We painted the walls grey like our room and brought the white and turquoise in this room too with an added stripe and pop of coral color. It is not quite finished yet...but, an improvement I would say!

And here is our room again with the new lamps and bedside tables that I re-furbished. A before pic is here.

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Allison said...

what a fun weekend! I love kinleys room and kinley in a bikini!