Thursday, March 4, 2010

girls night out...

Tonight Kinley and I had such a fun night out with some sweet friends from high school. We met Nina, Mikki, Liz and baby Alli at Boston's and ate pizza laughed and played with babies! Kinley was in awe of baby Alli. I don't think she has ever seen another baby that little! She also LOVED Nina. She just stared at Nina and laughed at her and talked to her all night. It was so cute! Here are some pics from our fun girls night!
3.4.10 mom's camera 161
Nina and Mikki....Mikki recently died her hair dark and it looks amazing! Totally inspires me to go dark!
Liz and sweet baby Alli! 3 months old this week!
3.4.10 mom's camera 156
Kinley kept trying to tell Nina some funny she would laugh with her.
Then the waiter brought Kinley a toy that we have at hone to play with. It is seriously one of her favorite toys ever. So sweet!
3.4.10 mom's camera 167
It was so fun hanging with yall! Hope to see you again soon!


Allison said...

What a fun girls night out! I LOVE Micki's dark hair!

kristen said...

that is sooo fun!!! i love it!! everyone looks so beautiful! love mickis hair! and love baby alli! sooo cute!!

Micki said... I never knew where to post comments on y'alls FABULOUS blogs and have always wanted to tell you girls how cute and fun each post is..but now after a couple clicks I have now learned how to comment lol...YEA!!! It was such a fun night with just the girls!! Missed you Allison and Kristen!! One of these days Al we'll be able to catch up!!! Thanks for the hair compliments ladies...made my day!!! :)Kinley was SO in love with Nina...Too Cute!!!