Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Lauryn came over last night to watch the Bachelor finale. Kinley and Lauryn played around for a while. Then with our dinner diet of Bud Light Lime and Kettle Corn, we sat in to watch what we already knew would happen...Jake and Vienna. It was so obvious and kinda uneventful....but, we didn't want to miss a minute.
3.2.10 001
3.2.10 002
Picnik collage
3.2.10 014
The new couple...how do you guys feel about it?....On another note...I HAVE to go to St. Lucia sometime. How beautiful!
3.2.10 015
This is the akward Jake laugh that we kept rolling over laughing at. He is so cheesy I cant even take it!
Picnik collage
If you want to come join us next week for 'dinner' to attend Jason and Molly's wedding...come on over!


Allison said...

Ya'll are so cute and so fun! If I lived close I would so be over for "dinner" next week!

kristen said...

love it ladies!!! and i love the meal! so perfect!! and LOVE the new header!!!!

Emily & Joe said...

I haven't been watching the Bachelor, but that dinner is right up my alley!