Sunday, October 15, 2017

Mammoth 15K Trail Run and Glen Rose trip

A few girlfriends convinced me to try my first trail run. 
Glen Rose 
We registered for it almost a year in advance. 
 The run was the Mammoth Run in Glen Rose, TX through Dinosaur Valley state park. 
And for real, it was intense. 
I am not sure if all trail runs are this intense, but it was like running up mountains with rocky terrain, crossing rivers and not seeing another soul in eyesight. 
There were times that there was absolutely no way to run and you had to just hike. 
Glen Rose.
Glen Rose 
The last mile to finish was probably the hardest mile I ever ran.
 It was flat and long and in the blazing heat. 
My mind had been distracted for the previous 8 miles by the terrain but, at that point all I could think about was finishing and I was done. But, it was so fun to finish! We had the cutest greeters at the end of the race there to encourage us and cheer us on. 
Glen Rose Glen Rose Glen Rose 

 When it was all over, there was a 1K kids run that our kids did and had a blast. 
Glen Rose Glen Rose 

Some boys stayed back friday night because Ty and Ry had a soccer game saturday morning, so it was just Kinley and I, from our family, that raced and had a finish line medal. 
Glen Rose Untitled Glen Rose 
We stayed the weekend at the Country Woods Inn
 We have stayed here before in the Railroad car, but this time we stayed in a different cabin closer to the animals and breakfast barn.
Glen Rose 
The weather was great and the kids had a blast on the property playing outside and loving on all the animals.
There was a bunny who had a litter of babies while we were there and they were the tiniest animals ever. 
We found their nest in a big stack of hay. 
We knew not to touch them but one little on escaped and the kids could not help themselves
 how tiny!
 Glen Rose Glen Rose 
The dads grilled out for a picnic dinner out on the lawn under the stars. 
Glen Rose 

These boys...their friendship is so sweet and genuine.
 And crazy. 
Probably wont be able to bathe together much longer but we are keeping them little as long as possible. 
 Sunday morning we went for a nature trail hike around the property and stopped at the chapel to have our own little church service. Lots of precious little voices leading us in worship. 
Glen Rose Glen Rose Glen Rose Glen Rose 
We finished the weekend off with a visit to the state park again to walk around, explore and have lunch. 
Glen Rose Love my boys 
Glen Rose

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