Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Glen Rose Weekend

For Christmas this year Pops and Gram gave our family a two night weekend at the Country Woods Inn in Glen Rose, TX and some cash for Dinosaur World and Fossil Rim Wildlife Center.
 We were so excited about the idea of a little family weekend getaway!
 We hadn't yet picked a date when my friend, Leslie, said all Sean Ryan wanted for his birthday was to go to Dinosaur World! 
I told her we are headed to Glen Rose anyway for a weekend so, it might as well be SR's birthday weekend and before you know it, we had multiple families joining us for family weekend / birthday party getaway!
 We were so excited.
  We started the weekend on Friday as soon as we all picked up Kinley from school.
 I love a family road trip!

The drive was super quick and we arrived at our Santa Fe Railroad Car that our family booked for the weekend. This railcar house is pretty much the reason we went to Country Woods Inn.
Ty was in HEAVEN the entire weekend.
 We weren't there 30 seconds before he found TWO Thomas the trains on the window.

Every inch of the place was covered in trains and train décor and it was just the cutest, tiniest place for our little family.
  Untitled Untitled Untitled
We were also right next door to the Cabin in the Woods where the Bartels were staying and the Lindseys also bunked one night. It was kind of like being back on Wade Court for a couple of days.
 I loved that the kids got to run in and out of the houses any time they wanted like the good ole days.
We had pretty much a perfect junkyard playground between our two houses complete with sandbox, tire swing, and a metal slide on a barrel.
Friday night we just hung out on the property and enjoyed relaxing together with our friends. The Nordells had a cabin on the property too that was right next to the barn where the animals were staying and where we ate breakfast every morning.
 All the kids LOVED getting the pet and feed the animals all the time.
Untitled Untitled
This goat was hilarious and stood on top of everything, including the donkey so he could jump over his fence.
Untitled Untitled
The horse peeking through the barn at breakfast was fantastic. Untitled
Saturday morning we woke up in the rail car and Ben enjoyed a cup of coffee looking like a lumberjack.

We went off to Dinosaur World complete with lots of kids in dino tees!
And we even all brought our dino tail party favors from RyRy's 2nd birthday party to wear too. Seeing all those little dino tails walking around was just too cute.
Untitled Untitled
Untitled Untitled
These three boys melt my heart. I love how they love their "buddies." Untitled Untitled
There were SO many activities at Dinosaur World! They were so entertained the entire time.
 We started by all becoming a T-Rex.
Untitled Untitled
Then all the little dinos mined for jewels and arrowheads.  Untitled Untitled
Precious baby boys Jensen and Dylan were such troopers. Untitled Untitled Untitled
We walked all around the path to visit all the dinosaurs.    Untitled Untitled Untitled
We had to get a girl pic with all the stegosaurus shirts.
And a boy pic with some T-Rex's

And we even got a big group pic!

Our trek through the Jurassic made us hungry so we stopped for lunch and some birthday cake.
Untitled Untitled Untitled

Before leaving, we made sure to dig for fossils and play in the boneyard.
  Untitled   Untitled
Moms need matching shirts too. Thanks Leslie!

We spent the rest of the afternoon at the Country Woods Inn exploring around and just playing. We hammocked, hiked, swung, and explored.
Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled  Untitled Untitled
And Ross was like a work horse helping these kids go round and round
Ben and Eric chauffeured kids (and adults)around the property all weekend in their truck beds.
Untitled Untitled
We had church in the chapel and had lots of cute worship leaders and scripture reciters.

We got our only bluebonnet pic of the year.

We had a big grill out planned for dinner Saturday night and while some daddies were prepping all the grills and food, we took the kids down to the river to splash around.
Sweet girls
Donna and Baby Jensen enjoying the view
Cutest little birthday boy underwear model around.
Untitled Untitled Untitled
Our late night big family dinner was just so, so fun!
After breakfast Sunday, we headed off to Fossil Rim.
 We consolidated into the back of two trucks and, of course, the kids wanted a girl truck and a boy truck.
Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled

It was a great ride and all the animals were out and about and we got to feed lots!
It was Ben's first time at Fossil Rim and he was pretty much in heaven with the views and all the deer and hand feeding them out of his truck window.
He also loved his little helper in the drivers seat.

The emus and ostriches are always a little terrifying so we decided to just set the food on the side of the truck for them to eat it.

I think the Zebras were a fan favorite all around.
 They were close enough to pet and were just beautiful!
Untitled Untitled
The giraffes were gorgeous too but not close enough to feed.
We stopped for lunch at the top at the Overlook Café and for a family pic.
 (and Side Bar but, how CUTE are Ty and Dylan's Celebrate-Always Party Animal tees! I have the most talented friends!)
Untitled  Untitled
Then all the kids followed Ben over to the petting zoo before finishing the drive through.
Untitled Untitled Untitled
From Fossil Rim we drove home and all kids passed out.
 When we got home and Ty woke up, no lie, there were genuine tears that we were at our real house and no longer living in the train anymore.
He was literally so sad.
 Kinley even told me how she was sad that we wouldn't all be sleeping so close in one room anymore.
It was just such a fun weekend of family time!
I guess we will have to go back to Glen Rose and the train again some day.
 Who wants to come next!?

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