Saturday, October 28, 2017

More October Fun/ Musical Entertainment

A few more things....
Walk to school day More October fun More October fun 
Pumpkin waffles with Ms Kim 
More October fun 
 Play dates 
More October fun More October fun

We had a Casa Manana date with Olivia and Anson, and since Ty couldn't make it, Kinley brought Jaymes.  
Oct. Untitled 

In other musical-theatre news, Kinley and her "Future Explorations" class did a mini-production of Annie. Kinley was a narrator and the Radio Announcer and she was so cute and did a great job! 
The whole cast 
Untitled Untitled 
Kinley and Erika as "Sandy" 
Kinley and Aslynn, who played "Shirley," Rooster's wife. 
Untitled Untitled 
Such a special treat to have Boss come watch the show! I got my love from musical theatre from him and now Kinley loves it so much too.

 Also my FAVORITE Broadway show of all time came to Bass Hall in October. I counted down to see RENT for over a year. I loved it so much. I sang ever word of the whole show and Box L was totally entertained :) If you ever want to know why RENT, of all shows, is my favorite (which seems totally out of character for me)...I have a long list for you. 
More October fun More October fun 
Cutest theme Green Room cookies
 More October fun 

And we got to go see Chris Stapleton at Gexa with Matt & Sandy. 
 Maybe my favorite concert yet...aside from Garth in Vegas. It was incredible. And the best company. 
More October fun More October fun Untitled 
October was FUN!

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