Saturday, October 21, 2017

Halloween Half Marathon

Ali, Jennifer and I ran the most fun half marathon around Halloween. 
It was meant to be a normal road race around the Trinity river in Ft Worth but, it had rained alot and with construction, they had to re-route the race the day before race day. 
 It ended up being about a 9 mile road race, then a 3 mile trail run and a mile to finish. 
I ended up LOVING this format.
 Just when I was about to get tired, the trail run helped keep my mind off it and distracted me. 
I was so scared for my mile to finish after how hard my last mile was on the Mammoth run but, it ended up being great! 
And the trail run was a BREEZE compared to Mammoth so that was nice too. 
 Jennifer had some fun shirts made for us and it ended up being the most fun race.

Before the race
 Halloween half 
Nice skyline view of Ft Worth from the Trinity Trails  maybe around mile 10
Halloween half Halloween half Halloween half 
Swag...weirdest ever. 
 Did you see the medal's weird zombie mouth is alllllso a bottle opener???
Halloween half 

Ali and I had a post-race brunch at Lazy Dog and it was for sure the best recovery ever. 
Thanks for the pics Ali!
 Halloween half Halloween half Halloween half Halloween half

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