Sunday, September 10, 2017

Ty & Dylan's Karate Birthday Party

We had a joint Karate birthday party this year for Ty and Dylan at a cute Martial Arts place.
We had been to one birthday party there before and both boys had so much fun and so I booked it for their party too.
It was nice having the party at a location because they pretty much did everything for me.
They ran the whole party and helped set up and clean up and it was great.

We had their party the weekend between both of their birthdays.
Dylan threes class

The only real prep I did, besides the invites, was create this big banner to (TRY to) cover up the wall of posters that was very busy.
 I could not for the life of me decide how to create life-sized karate silhouettes of the boys, so I decided to just buy some black butcher paper, turn it upside down and free hand them and flip them over to attach them to the white banner.

Somehow it turned out and it made for a cute backdrop.
Ty & Dylan bday IMG_0463 IMG_0458 IMG_0462 IMG_0461

  Mendy cut heat press vinyl for the personalized headbands, monogrammed the boys uniforms for me that I bought on Amazon and made the karate uniform cake.
 She's the best party planner ever.
 IMG_0455 IMG_0456

 The party ran so smooth and the boys were busy the entire time following the sensei's instructions.
IMG_0491 IMG_0544 Ty & Dylan bday IMG_0569 Ty & Dylan bday Ty & Dylan bday Ty & Dylan bday IMG_0578 IMG_0602 IMG_0620

Pretty much an all boy party this time except for Dylan's Best Girl, Ryder.
IMG_0534 IMG_0560 Ty & Dylan bday

We had pizza on the floor of the studio and they got to cut their own cake together with a Samurai sword!
Ty & Dylan bday IMG_0651 Ty & Dylan bday Ty & Dylan bday Ty & Dylan bday IMG_0663 IMG_0671
At the end of the party every kid got to break their own personal board.
 Ty and Dylan broke bigger "birthday boards" that all the party guests had signed.
IMG_0523 Ty & Dylan bday IMG_0687 Ty & Dylan bday Ty & Dylan bday

And we took a group picture in their party favor t-shirts reminding them to "Be Strong and Courageous" (Joshua 1:9)
IMG_0735 Ty & Dylan bday

Thank you to our sweet family and friends who came to celebrate these boys we love so!
Ty & Dylan bday IMG_0476 IMG_0551 Ty & Dylan bday IMG_0743 IMG_0538 IMG_0528 IMG_0633 IMG_0638 IMG_0516  

We had the best time celebrating our boys!
 Cannot believe how fast they are growing up. 
IMG_0465 IMG_0504 Ty & Dylan bday Ty & Dylan bday IMG_0447

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