Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Dylan - Back to School (3's Class)

This year we decided to have Dylan skip the twos class and go straight to the Threes Class at Compass.
 Technically because his birthday is Sept 2, he should be in the twos but, since he is so close to the deadline, I pushed to skip to the threes.
 Ben and I prayed about this decision and felt it was the best thing for Dylan. 
 He was already technically already three before the school year even started. 
We did not do this with Ty and it was the one preschool regret I had with him. 
We wanted Dylan to be our third kid to have Ms Vicki and Ms Mitzi and they were moving to two days a week classes. 
We were totally ok with him being the youngest (I mean, he's always the youngest) and felt even better about it since they moved to two days a week.
This means that next year Dylan will be in the fours class and after that he will have to go to a TK or different Pre-K program his last year before Kinder.
We had meet the teacher and Dylan loved seeing Ms Vicki and Ms Mitzi and excited to be a Turtle just like Kinley and Ty.
After Meet the Teacher we had a Chuck E Cheese date with Ryder. 
Dylan was SUPER excited about first day of school pics at home 
Dylan threes class Dylan threes class Dylan threes class Dylan threes class 
But, when we got to school, he wasn't having it. 
Dylan threes class 
At the end of the day he was much better and even was ok with pictures by the cute sign on the church lawn. 
Dylan threes class Dylan threes class 

The first day was a little tough on Dylan. Ms Vicki even mentioned that he had a tough time with transitions between activities. 
 But, one day was all it took. 
He absolutely loves school and is doing so great in the Turtles Class. 
He got to be the first star student of the year since he had just had his birthday and he loved showing off all his favorite things and wearing the star student crown.

Ty & Dylan bday

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