Monday, August 21, 2017

Kinley (3rd) and Ty (Kinder) - Back to School 2017

OCT Meet the Teacher night was an all around success.
The BIGGEST gift ever is that Ty has Mrs. Richardson.
She is a fan favorite in the Harrison household.
Kinley had her and LOVED her.  I mean has literally gone by to hug her every single morning since Kindergarten kind of love.
Gary loves to hallway read for her.
I want to be her best friend.
Ty has wanted to have her as a teacher for 3 years so it was such a huge gift that he got her!
Back to school 2017 
He also was walking on clouds because his two favorite girls, Finley and Samantha, are in his class too. Ty and Finley were placed right next to each other.
Back to school 2017 
Kinley has Mrs. Dagger this year and was so, so excited to have most of her besties in her class! Aslynn again for the 2nd year in a row, Jaymes (JJ), Erika, Addison, and Brawley again too! 
 It is so fun for Katy and I to see Kinley and Brawley in class at OCT together just like we were
Back to school 2017 Back to school 2017 
Per tradition, we let the kids choose somewhere fun to go after Meet the Teacher and this year was Dave & Busters. 
They had a blast and JJ even met up with us too for a sleepover. 
Untitled Untitled Back to school 2017 Back to school 2017 
Right before school started, Kinley lost another tooth and we happened to capture a picture of Trina the toothfairy that night. 
And I got SUPER sentimental about Ty starting Kinder. 
I mean, I am going to miss this boy SO much during the day. 
 He is my best little buddy, so much fun and Kinder is so lucky to get him.
The night before school we read The Night Before Kindergarten with Ty just like we did with Kinley
Back to school 2017 
I got teacher gifts and the breakfast table set up ready. 
Back to school 2017 Back to school 2017 Back to school 2017 First Day pictures Back to school 2017 Back to school 2017 Back to school 2017 Back to school 2017 Back to school 2017 
 Little brother in just his undies could NOT be left out. 
 Ya'll, I just can't.
 So cute. 
Back to school 2017 Back to school 2017 Back to school 2017 
This melted my heart just watching them walk together. 
Back to school 2017 
Ty has Mrs. Richardson AND our favorite student teacher Mrs. Adams who spends half the year in Kinder and half the year in 3rd Grade. So, BOTH my kids get to have her this year! 
Back to school 2017 Untitled Back to school 2017  
Hugging Daddy Bye-Bye...the only tears were from me on Day 1. 
Back to school 2017 

This boy is NOT too sad to have mom all to himself now.
Back to school 2017 

The first day of school was the Solar Eclipse and OCT went ALL out in theme for the day.  The teachers all wore matching eclipse shirts and the PTA bought eclipse glasses for every kid in school to safely watch. 
I got a cute pic from my friend Jennifer (AKA, the best VP ever).
Back to school 2017 
Dylan and I had our own watch party through the sunroof of my car also. 
Back to school 2017 
End of the Day pics in front of the Tiger and with some friends. 
Back to school 2017 Back to school 2017 
Hudson, Ty and Parker
 Back to school 2017
 Stole these pics straight from teachers off Twitter.
 I love our school!!!
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