Monday, August 7, 2017

Birthday/Cousins Weekend

Well, when Cousins Weekend and your birthday collide, it is some kind of magical.  
Being in the most fun place ever with your favorite people is just too much for the heart to handle.  We left the day of Momma Gay's funeral to head to the lake.  Emotions were high but we wanted to be no where except together.  Summer and birthday 
They also made me feel so special by celebrating my birthday and even with lots of games, cake and decorations!  
They totally know my love language. 
 I am so thankful. 
Summer and birthday Summer and birthday Summer and birthday Summer and birthday  Untitled
 Battle of the Big vs. Little brother games are always some of my favorite from Cousins Weekend.
 It's like I am getting a tiny glimpse into Ty and Dylan's future.
Oh, what a blessing that would be.
Their best friends are each other, there is no one they would rather spend time with, they laugh more than ever with each other and they cherish, love, support, and encourage each other so well.
And this may give me a clear indication of which of my sons will be the crazy, wild one....
Untitled Untitled 
And I came home from Cousins Weekend to this incredible decor display from the kids and Gary and Cheryl. So sweet!
 Summer and birthday 

I also had a couple other birthday celebrations which were super fun. 
Margie and Don took me to lunch at work.
 Summer and birthday Summer and birthday 

We also had bass hall right before and my sweet friends made dinner so special and even decked out our box with decor.
So much fun! 
Summer and birthday Summer and birthday Summer and birthday Summer and birthday

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