Sunday, May 21, 2017

More May

We spent the first weekend at May at the lakehouse with the Harrisons. Sporting our best Cinco de Mayo flair and made our own Mambo Taxis and sopapillas. 
May May May May 
 If there is any way for this kid to sit with dad in a driver's seat, he is taking it. 
 Boat, car, lawnmower, jet ski, bumper car, you name it, he is driving. 
May May May May May 
Dylan had to borrow Cannon's swimsuit one day. 
He sure does look cute in his little chubbies.
We had a very rare lunch one day with just the original 5. 
 A pretty sweet time together talking about life and the future and plans and loving on each other.
Went to see Little Mermaid at Casa Manana 
May May 
Sno Cones every day in the summer
Also, popsicles and swimming at the Nordells as much as possible 

 What it looks like when you run to the gym but want a ride back to your car....4 adults, 3 kids, 3 safe (but seriously, we only drove this way like 2 miles from the gym back to church) 
Love our family dinner nights with Francesca and Rafael. 
We will miss them SO much when they move to Atlanta. 

Kinley had her spring piano recital and it went much better than her first one at Christmas but I could still tell she was a little nervous. 
We will just keep practicing and performing and being so grateful for Ms. Taylor!
 Untitled Untitled 
Ali took all the pictures but I made myself useful holding plates 

Olivia's law firm had a suite at the Byron Nelson and she and Bart asked Matt, Sandy, Ben and I to join them for the Sunday round. 
 It was my first time to go to a golf tournament and it was so fun! 
Wish we got a pic with everyone but, here is a couple we took early in the day.
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