Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Cannon Cope

May was such a sweet month for me to get to love on and spend some extra time with sweet Cannon. 
 He is SUCH a joy. 
Happiest baby ever and always lights up the room. 
We celebrated his 1st birthday on May 9th. 
His party theme was a cannon and the "Come and Take it" flag...i.e. "Come and CAKE it." 
 He was the happiest birthday boy I ever did see.
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 For all my kids first birthdays Mendy has painted a personalized chest for them and I wanted to continue the tradition for Cannon. 
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Also during May, Mendy had surgery to remove her tonsils, which was pretty rough for her. 
 I got to keep Cannon for a few days during her recovery time and it was so fun just carting him around with me and getting some special time with him until Alex could get home from work. 

I set up a high chair in the bathroom with me so he could snack while I got ready. 
I did this with all my kids. 
I had either a swing or a high chair set up at all times in my bathroom.
 I didn't realize how much I had missed it or that I had even really moved past this stage until Cannon came.
 It made me so teary and so thankful I have him so close to love on too.
 Cannon has a pottery barn chair at his house that is like his "home base." 
 It is right in the middle of their kitchen/living room area. 
He goes back to it every 2 minutes or so, just to check in. 
 He might go play with a toy for a little and then bring it back to his chair. He might come say hi and then retreat to his chair.
 It is SO cute. 
 So, I set up a chair for him in my house too, right in the middle of the house and he loved it. 
He would go get the remote controls and go back and climb in it.
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 It was so fun. 
 All my kids were still in school and I just took him with me everywhere. 
Errands, lunch with some girl friends, playing at home, playground time, walks around the neighborhood, snuggling for naptime. 
I loved every second.
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I wasn't the only one who could not get enough of Cannon
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 We went to take Ty to baseball class together and had a splash pad play date at Southlake Bicentennial park after
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We even had a boy zoo day one day with Ty, Dylan, Cannon and I and we met Allison and Bentley there too. 
 It was so much fun! 
Bentley and Cannon are only a couple months apart and it was just a blast spending the day together with our nephews!
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Oh Cannon with that cheese face! 
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Lunch time 
Riding the train 
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I can't wait for more days with Cannon.
So thankful to get to watch him grow and see him daily.

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