Thursday, May 18, 2017

Compass Last Day and Ty's Preschool Graduation and Kindergarten Roundup

Last Day of Compass Preschool for these boys. 
Dylan's last day in the 1's and Ty's last day in the 4's. 
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Dylan will SO miss Ms Dianna and Ms Kathleen! They have been amazing! 
 And Ty had the most patient and kind teachers ever in Ms. Kimberly and Ms Diane 

 Ty's 4's Graduation included an Under The Sea program where they were to dress in their Sunday Best as well as a cap and gown ceremony where they walk the stage and get diplomas. 
 Loved seeing this big boy wave to us from the stage.
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 Having his name announced
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These boys were always close but took it to a whole new level in class with Ms. Vicki. We love her so much. Kinley had her and Ty and Dylan will next year. The only preschool teacher to have all three of my kids. 
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Love our big preschool graduate
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We had a small little preschool graduation swim party at the Nordells for Ty, Sean Ryan and Ryland the weekend after. We had tons of pics of the three of them together since birth and it was SO cute to celebrate and go back through memory lane. 
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I cannot believe Ty is going to Kindergarten! He had his first very own OCT experience at Kindergarten Roundup. It was a special night just for Ty. He and I went up to the school and he got to go do some initial testing and getting acquainted with the Kinder classrooms while I attended a parent meeting.

 These sweet Kinder teachers have NO idea what is coming for them next year. 
When Kinley started Kinder she knew like 2 other kids going to school with her. 
Ty knows like 20. 
There will be no initial "getting to know each other" period for these kids.
 It will probably start full-on crazy on day 1. 
But, how FUN for these cute Kinder-babies!?!? 
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Frozen yogurt date after the Roundup to celebrate.

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