Friday, May 29, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

I had a fabulous Mother's Day this year celebrating low-key with my precious blessings. 
 I woke up in the morning to donuts for breakfast and the sweetest display from Ben. 
 I got roses and some new sunglasses I desperately needed and sweet notes from the kids. 
He had asked the kids to each give him as many reasons as they are old for why they loved mom and he wrote them down. (Kinley - 6 and Ty -3) 
 I love that to get an even 10 notes he wrote one from Dylan too based on when he asked him what he loved about me "Smiled and then growled. No words I could understand."
 Oh Ben.
 I also opened both Ty and Kinleys gifts they made me at school. 
 Ty's was a cute handprint picture framed and a bag of tea in a paper teacup he colored.
  Untitled Untitled 
Kinley made me a personalized notepad stack that he decorated for me to use and answered some questions about me. 
 I mean how many other days are you "pretty as a cat." 
Untitled Untitled 
 Then we went to church as a family and brunch with Gram and Pops. 
Untitled Untitled 
That night we went over to celebrate with Honey. 
 I am just so thankful for both my mom and mother-in-law. 
 It is the biggest blessing to have such amazing examples to look up to as I continue to learn to be a mom. 
 It is the biggest blessing and hardest job I've ever been given and it is absolutely a gift. One I don't deserve and one I am eternally grateful for.

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