Monday, May 4, 2015

Dylan Lee - 7 & 8 months

Sweet Dylan is was seven months! Untitled And now he is 8 months!
 So, we are going to do a combined update!
A few highlights:

- You are still only drinking breast milk. This is the longest I have ever gone without supplementing at least one bottle of formula a day for any kid but, you are still nursing like a champ. You also started eating lots of baby food, we started with avocado, squash, peas, green beans, and now we have a little fruit thrown in their with the veggies.  There isn't anything you totally hate yet so that's great!  You love to eat and it goes through you super quick.  You have a fast metabolism just like Kinley and Ty.
- You can sit up now!  You used to wobble side to side some after a couple minutes but, now you have got it down!  Multiple people have commented about how straight you sit up.  I hope you always have good posture.  I have always struggled with it! - You are even starting to pull up and inchworm crawl now. I am sure by 9 months you will have those down and I will have to get better pics. - You really are the squirmy-est baby. You think you can crawl, walk or run out of our lap or arms. You really cannot wait to keep up with kinley and ty. And I think I will probably try to prevent that as long as I can so that I am not running around like a crazy person.
- You have cut your first two teeth and crazy enough they are on the top!  They aren't the main two front teeth but the ones next to that so you look like a little vampire kind of.
I can't tell you how I LOVE this.
I have heard about babies who have these top teeth come in first but have never seen it and it just gives me the giggles every time.
You are literally the happiest baby. You smile non-stop with those vampire teeth. Untitled
- I have to give a shout out to our sweet friend and Chiropractor, Alexia, who I totally contribute a lot of your happy baby attitude to. She has worked with us for a few months after your ear tube surgery and she has done all it takes to get you healthy with a great immune system. You love getting adjusted by her and just seeing her sweet face. You never fuss. We essential-oil you up and meet with her often to check your ears, congestion, drainage and overall demeanor. We swear by sweet Lexi and will recommend her to anyone!

- You are definitely sleeping better too! Most of the time you just wake up once. If you happen to wake up again after 5am or so, I always pull you in bed with us and cuddle for a couple more hours before it's time to wake up. I love those times. I am cherishing every one.

- You definitely do not like it when mom OR dad walk away from you while you can see us, but you don't have real stranger-danger at all. You pretty much like anybody and are content. You still are great at church or at the gym, if I let you go. I still am a little wary of you around all those public germs.

- You love taking selfies!
 It's hilarious how you smile at yourself in the phone.
 Here are a few outtakes from your 8 month pic...
Untitled Untitled Untitled
Sweet, precious Dylan!
You bring endless joy to our lives.
 You are so, so happy and content and peaceful and a blessing to each person in our family. I treasure our alone time when you are eating or just rocking and cuddling and getting ready for naps or bed. I love singing and praying over you and I can't wait to get you back up again.
Every single one of us just can't wait to "lay eyes on you" (like Kinley says) every morning and see that big smile. You light up when Kinley and Ty are around or talk with you and just cannot wait to be part of the action.
 We treasure our family of five so much and cannot imagine a single moment of it without you.
I pray the Lord continue to bless your health and growth and development.
I pray that all my children will develop a heart that yearns for Christ and wants to know him and his word at an early age. Dylan, we love you like CRAZY!
  I can't believe only a few more months until you are ONE. It is just too fast and too much for this momma to handle.
 I love you big boy!

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