Friday, May 29, 2015

Graduations and Goodbyes

We couldn't wait to support all our sweet friends that were graduating from Compass 4's classes this year. 
 The majority of our old playgroup is going to Kinder! 
 We swung by to watch them all walk the stage after soccer practice one night and they were all so cute in their blue cap and gowns. 
 Brought back so many memories of Kinley doing this last year
Untitled Untitled
I love sweet Guiliana and Ty spying each other in this pic 
Untitled Untitled

We also had a graduation / surprise going away swim party for The Andersons a couple days later at the Nordells. 
 We are so sad to see Trent, Lydia, Caleb and Katelyn go. 
 They are moving to Virginia to be closer to her family. 

 Here are a few kids waiting to yell surprise 
I think we scared Caleb at the door. 
The kids swam their hearts out. 
Besides swimming the kids had other activities to do like signing wooden letters for all the graduates 
and making a handprint canvas for Caleb and Katelyn so they can remember their friends when they move.
Everyone worked up an appetite.

Dylan was a trooper on a long day 
He even took a nap in my lap which I loved every minute of. 

And these sweet friends know that even when you want to take a group mommy pic, you don't wake a sleeping baby, you just gather around. 

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