Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring Break

It's been a whirlwind but the best kind.
Kinley was on spring break last week and even though we stayed in town all week we kept so busy with tons of in town playdates and activities.

Right before Spring Break, an ugly stomach bug worked its way through our house. Kinley got the worst of it. We spent a couple of days quarantined inside the house. IMG_3734 IMG_3760 Needless to say, we were so ready for some outdoor activity and luckily the weather was mostly amazing this past week. We had lots of picnics outside. Cheeze-Its, centerpieces and Princess attire is a must.
IMG_3743 IMG_3756

We also had multiple playgroup play dates this week. Saturday we all celebrated Mav's birthday at Mountasia. It was a put-put Eugene theme and Mav dressed as Eugene and needed some Rapunzel's to help celebrate.
  IMG_3764 IMG_3767

Monday we had playgroup at Leslies and painted and dressed up all day. Wednesday, dressed in pink head to toe, a few of us went to Artie's Playhouse at the Artisan Theatre in Hurst to see Pinkalicious. This was not the first time that we have tried this children's theatre. We tried one time before to see the Wizard of Oz and, to put it mildly, Kinley had a total meltdown of epic preportions upon setting foot in the theatre. Just the thought of a wicked witch sent her into a frenzy and we did not watch one minute of the show. It was absolutely NOT my best parenting day. I tried so hard and was super unsuccessful at convincing a 3 year old to have rational thoughts and trust me that she was completely safe. I was not patient at all and was so frustrated. So, we both have needed a "re-do" of the theatre experience. She has been talking herself up for weeks to "try again" and we have talked in circles that there is no scary character of any sort in Pinkalicious. So, we gave it a go again. This time she was a little scared at first but pushed through and after about 5 minutes was out of my lap and sitting in a chair with AG clapping and cheering on the show.
I was so proud of her!
Here's a pic of all our little theatre-goers.
And here is a meet & greet with Pinkalicious and Artie. They were star struck!
Thursday, we took another outing to Trinity Park in Ft. Worth had a picnic lunch and did the Forest Park Miniature Train Ride. It was busy but a gorgeous day and everyone had so much fun. All the kids are so sweet to each other and all their friendships are growing and special. I love it.
These three crack me up together.
Look where?!?
IMG_3785 IMG_3788
Now it's time for the little brothers to try...
Waiting on a train to come. Love all these kids.
IMG_3798 IMG_3796 IMG_3805 IMG_3801 IMG_3800 IMG_3810
Kinley and Mav were loving on each other quite a bit that day.
IMG_3819 IMG_3821
We re-arranged after a few minutes so AG could sit with them too and Leslie and I sat with Ty and SR behind them and Linds, Mallory and Maddie sat in front of them. There are a couple bridges we go over on the train that made me a little nervous for them so sit by themselves without an adult and no safety belt at all. But, they did great and absolutely loved it!
IMG_3822 IMG_3811 IMG_3817 The week of Spring Break was just so much fun!
The second weekend was like the best.weekend.ever.
Stay tuned for those cute pics.  It was full of birthday parties and more friends and just a dream!

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