Thursday, March 21, 2013

Our first tooth fairy visit

That's read it right...the tooth fairy came. Turns out Kinley's tooth from her accident at Ella's party was worse than we thought. I took her in to the dentist for a cleaning and for them to check on it...not really thinking that they would have to do anything. We sent her back with the nurses and Ty and I just hung out in the waiting room for a while. Ty at dentist 
But, after the x-rays they said that she split it vertically all the way up into her root and that her nerve was exposed and it was subject to bacteria and infection and had to come out. They also said a second tooth was chipped on the bottom that I didn't even know about but they don't have to do anything to that one.
  Kinley tooth 
Sweet girl was such a trooper. She thought she was all done and ready to go home with her fun dentist treats when I told her to turn around and get back in the chair so they would pull her tooth. She was a little scared but the sweet nurse told her that they just put magic sparkles on her tooth and "poof" it just disappears!  
Ty and I went back to the waiting room but, not before one last pic with all her baby teeth.
  Kinley last pic with baby teeth 
The doctor and nurses said she was amazing. Did not complain at all and was so great. They had to give her a shot to numb the area but she didn't even know she got one. The only complaints she gave was after it was all over and she finally saw me and told me she hated the numb feeling. 
 She kept thinking something was on her face and she hated it. 
 Once I finally let her look in the mirror to see nothing was actually on her face, that it was just asleep and needed to wake up, she spotted her missing tooth and was excited. She felt like such a big girl. 
 That reaction was so great for me. Ben and I were both a little worried when we found out it had to be pulled. She is so girly and so detailed with her clothes and jewelry and loves makeup and stuff and I just didn't want her to hate the gap in her teeth. It will be there for a few years. Ben said "I just hope she doesn't stop smiling.  Just make sure she knows how beautiful she is."  What a sweet daddy.
We tell her all the time that it's not what the outside looks like, that the inside is what counts and it was cool to see that she really didn't care. She wasn't worried at all. She felt like a big kid. 
 And man, does she have the prettiest toothless grin or what!? toothless grin
I think what mostly got us through was getting her pumped for the tooth fairy to come. 
 She has asked for months when the tooth fairy gets to come and I kept telling her when she was 6 or 7. 
Turns out, you only have to be 3 in our house! 
 She was excited to go to sleep and slept all night. Ty and I had to wake her up to ask her to check under her pillow! The tooth fairy was super generous for her first lost tooth and gave her a $5 bill!!
  tooth fairy 2 tooth fairy 3 tooth fairy 4 tooth fairy 5 
Then the tooth fairy sent us on a little scavenger hunt! 
Kinley did not want the tooth fairy to take her tooth with her. So, the tooth fairy left a second little treat for Kinley with the tooth. 
 I am convinced that the tooth fairy is really sneaky and really likes to come visit so she gives candy and gum that will rot your teeth so they will keep falling out. 
 Kinley loved it.
  tooth fairy 1 
This chicken walks and lays or poops gum eggs as she walked. It was so funny to see the kids laugh at the chicken.
  tooth fairy 6 
Hopefully we won't have another visit from the tooth fairy for quite some time. But we will love getting to see that toothless grin for years to come.


kristen said...

you are so so beautiful kinley gay!! just beautiful! and such a brave strong girl! LOVE that toothless grin so much!!

Allison said...

The toothless smile is the most precious thing I have ever seen! She is so beautiful! I am so proud of how brave she was and it's only appropriate that the nurse put magic sparkle on it. Can't wait to see that sweet smile tomorrow Kinley!