Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Best Weekend Ever

I mean..I could say it ten more times.
This last weekend was just so much fun. The kind of overdue, much-needed quality time with good friends that was just refreshing and so much fun.
Friday night we unexpectedly got to hang out with the Barstads! We played cars in the street and went to eat at Rosa's and just hung out. The kids laughed and played and just had fun. IMG_3830 IMG_3829
Saturday, we got to celebrate McKenzie's 1st birthday! It was a Minnie Mouse theme and Natalie did an amazing job at creating such a fun and fabulous Minnie Mouse party! We busted out Kinley's Minnie Mouse Costume from 2 Halloween's ago and it was a little tight but, amazingly fit her! We loved getting to see lots of family. We had to leave earlier than expected and I was sad about that but, I was so excited to be there.
IMG_3850 IMG_3842 IMG_3840 IMG_3839
Kinley and Aubrey were two peas in a pod as usual.
IMG_3854 IMG_3835
When the real Minnie mouse came out Kinley was very timid. She pretty much hates anyone in a character costume. She sat paralyzed in Josh's lap the entire time Minnie was around.
IMG_3846 IMG_3847
But, she did submit to one picture with Minnie as long as Ben would hold her.
As soon as we got home from McKenzie's party we jumped in the car with Kristen, Avery, Ben and Sassy for the most fun ride ever to Ella's Glitter, Sparkle & Shine 5th birthday party!
When we got to the party only Allison could go inside to set up so we spent some time running around in a field outside and pre-partying in the car. It was so fun!
IMG_3861 IMG_3863 IMG_3865 IMG_3874 IMG_3876
The party was just amazing.  There was so much to do and so many kids. They just ran and jumped around like crazy.
IMG_3885 IMG_3898 IMG_3890 IMG_3878 IMG_3879
Everything was perfect except for one casualty. At some point, Kinley and Sassy ran off a trampoline into the block pit and collided somehow. They must have hit hard because Kinley pretty much bit through her entire tongue on one side and knocked off half her tooth on the other side. These pictures are from the next day but you get the idea. We are going to make an appt with the pediatric dentist and figure out what to do. It's a baby tooth right!? I mean, what do you do??
IMG_3913 IMG_3911
Kinley was so strong and I was so proud of how she handled her little injury. She was definitely in a ton of pain but, she just wanted to keep the party going. She kept saying through teary eyes, "I'm just not going to think about it" and when they let the kids back in the gym to play after singing Happy Birthday she wanted to go back again and said "I won't get hurt this time."
After the party we all went back to the Booth's for a slumber party! It really went so well! All the kids played and went to sleep and slept all night long. I was shocked at how great they did and how comfortable everyone slept. I already want to do it again!
On Sunday we made the road trip back home and took our time. We stopped at McDonalds for lunch and watched movies and had dance parties in the car. It was just so fun.


kristen said...

Just the best weekend EVER!! I have not laughed until I cried that much in so long. Just loved every second of it!! I am ready to do it again!! Love y'all so much!

Allison said...

Best weekend ever! Let do it again!!!