Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Good Girl day at the Zoo

Kinley filled up her Good Girl jar to the top again and like last time, she decided she wanted to go to the zoo!
 We may have to think outside the box a little more next time but, she was still super excited to go and was so proud that she filled up her jar to the top. It has actually been full for a while now but our weekends have been filled up lately and Ben really wanted to go with us. 

 We ended up having Uncle Alex, Aunt Minnie and Gram come along as well and it was so much fun! The last visit Alex and Mendy had at the zoo Kinley was only 9 months old and they were just a young dating couple. So, it was fun to go again with them. 
 We all packed sack lunches and had a picnic when we first got there. It was just so fun. The weather was amazing and we spent all kinds of time at each exhibit. 
 The animals were out and about and it was the perfect day. IMG_2166IMG_2148
IMG_2164 IMG_2156 IMG_2152 
Love them
  IMG_2150 IMG_2149 
The Parrot Paradise is always a hit with the kids. 
IMG_2172 IMG_2179
I thought I was pretty much a pro at getting the birds to stand on my stick so I could bring them down to the kids level to feel them until Dad jumped in and made one just stand on his off. 
IMG_2175 IMG_2184 
Ty continuously grabbed at the parrots and the repeatedly bit him on the hand..but, he was unphased and could not be deterred. 
We can't pass up a carousel ride! 
This good girl is a poser! 
IMG_2196 IMG_2199 IMG_2197 IMG_2207 
Ty insisted on "walking" as much as I would let him.
I cannot get enough of this smile :)
  IMG_2212 IMG_2211 
There are also endless opportunities to pose on animal statues...
Posing on a turtle
  IMG_2220 IMG_2219 
And on a crocodile
  IMG_2194 IMG_2187
I wonder where we will go when Kinley fills up her jars again.  
Thanks for a fun day Kinley!


Jan said...

Oh my goodness!!! These pics are darling! Ty looks so big, and Kinley's a "girl" now! Time goes by so fast. Congratulations to Kinley for filling her Good Girl jar again. Love all of you!

Allison said...

Yay Kinley! What a fun day at the zoo!

kristen said...

i love this! way to go kinley gay!