Monday, November 5, 2012

Girls Weekend

I think I have mentioned a couple times on the blog before that I am the recent addition to a playgroup. Lindsey and Mav and Leslie and AG & SR have been in a playgroup on Fridays for a while and I have gotten to know the other girls through Bunco and showers and birthday parties and Ben is in a bible study with all their husbands and now, Ty and I have started going to the playgroup on Fridays while Kinley is in school.
This weekend all the playgroup moms got to have a little mom-only time for a fun girls night!  We ended up renting out a tiny cabin on lake Grapevine and just sitting and talking for hours on end. It was so great to spend some quality time getting to know all the girls better and just have some time away.
They had requested matching T-shirts for the weekend so I was happy to help out. Luckily, I pretty much didn't have to think much at all for these t-shirts. They wanted these heather grey long-sleeved tees from Target with hot pink writing and picked out the exact phrase and everything for the shirts. Mendy had done a similar one for her girls weekend trip this summer so I pretty much used her design to mimic mine after.
Thank goodness for such talented girls!
The hot pink on grey was a little hard to see but, we went for the vintage look :-)
"You may call it Girls Night Out, but we call it Therapy"
Everyone was supposed to bring copies of something that they had read or a topic to talk about or something inspirational to share on Friday night for all of us to leave the weekend encouraged and refreshed as wives and mommies.
There were some incredible conversations that came out of this time together. Such great advice about how to love on, pray for, and encourage our husbands and children.
I printed out something that spoke to me from my current bible study about worship and made everyone a worship CD.
Of course, with all those awesome printouts and goodies, I figured we needed swag bags so I re-used my screen to make custom bags and filled them with a few more goodies.
IMG_2095 IMG_2100 IMG_2105 IMG_2112
Leslie also brought some personalized wine cups for our weekend and another custom CD for us to jam out to for the weekend.
 There might have been some Gangnum style dance learning:)
IMG_2114 IMG_2118 IMG_2116
(Lindsey, me, Staci, Leslie, Donna & Stacee)
It was so fun just hanging out around the fire and talking into the night. IMG_2122 IMG_2123
Our cabin was cute and cozy and the morning brought gorgeous views of the lake. I made Staci stand there with her arms open so we could see how small it was.
IMG_2131 IMG_2132 IMG_2139 IMG_2140 IMG_2133 IMG_2124 IMG_2126
There was lots of self-timer photos happening.
IMG_2128 IMG_2129
We capped off our 24 hours off with some pampering at the Terrace Retreat Spa at the Hilton Hotel in Southlake. It was nice to just relax and have manis and pedis and some even got blowouts.
IMG_2143 IMG_2144
Lindsey is literally like 10 months pregnant. Maddox comes in 2 days now. She was such a trooper for her last little girls get-away.
We cannot wait to meet baby Maddox!
I feel very blessed to have had some time away and to know these girls.


Jan said...

How fun! The things you girls made are amazing. Sure nice to have good friends!! Love you.

Allison said...

What a fun weekend! I love that y'all did that! What a fun playgroup! And the shirts and treat bags are just perfect!