Sunday, November 18, 2012

thanksgiving feast

Happy Thanksgiving week!  
I am just so excited that the holidays are upon us again. 
I know there will be many pictures taken this week with family and friends in town and lots of playdates, get-togethers, and festivities planned.  
We have been prepping for Thanksgiving quite a bit this last week.

Kinley had a Thanksgiving feast with all the 3's classes at school.  The teachers and room moms crammed all 5 classes in the gathering area right beside the classes and it really turned out so cute.  
All the girls were dressed with little indian hats and the boys were pilgrims.  Because it was so crowded they really did not advertise the event to parents because there was just not room for everyone but, I definitely snuck my way into a corner to help out and take pictures.  
I am glad that I did!

Kinley was just so sweet and so excited to see me at her school. She was much more shy and subdued there than I expected. At home she is so full of life and energy and she was just smiley and lovey and sweet. Before they filed in for the feast all the classes were sitting in the hallway. 
 Here is Kinley with two of her friends in class Hayden and Savannah. IMG_2222 IMG_2225 The tables set and ready for kiddos IMG_2228 IMG_2229 IMG_2232 Sweet little Indians and Pilgrims saying their prayer before lunch. IMG_2235 
Kinley's Turtles Class
Ronan, Hayden and Kinley are like three peas in a pod at school I hear. 
Then, I waited around and went to chapel with Kinley after we cleaned up the feast. Kinley just loves chapel. She talks about it every Thursday and sings the songs for days afterward. It was so fun to see what she was talking about. Caleb is our worship leader at church and I sing with him on our worship team and he also leads worship for the preschool on Thursdays. Kinley thinks Caleb is like a celebrity and that it is so cool I get to sing on stage with Mr. Caleb sometimes.
IMG_2247 IMG_2257 Prayers in Chapel
It is really loud in there with all the kids singing, so sweet Arabella likes to sit in the very back.
I can't wait to see what their preschool Christmas party is like!

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