Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ft. Forth Zoo

This weekend Mendy and Alex were both in town and they had planned to go to the Ft. Worth Zoo on Sunday and asked us to tag along. It was Kinley's first time at the Zoo and I was not sure at 9 months if she would really care about it at all..but, she just loved it! She was super excited about the mammals...monkeys, tigers, lions, any kind of deer, sheep, etc...but, the birds, fish and reptiles did not interest her as much. When she would see the animals she would just start talking and pointing and kicking her legs. It was so cute!
1.24.10 026
1.24.10 001
Mendy and Alex acting like monkeys on our way to see the monkeys!1.24.10 002
This was disgusting...we saw this monkey catch his own poo in his hands and then crawl up and sit down and eat it.....gross!
1.24.10 003
1.24.10 006
A flamingo pic for Gary
1.24.10 004
1.24.10 007
1.24.10 010
Kinley petting the armadillo in the Texas area
1.24.10 011
Alex, Mendy, Kinley and I weigh the same as 99 chickens, 8.3 goats, or .6 cows!
1.24.10 012
1.24.10 013
Group shot on the crocodile
1.24.10 016
1.24.10 017
Mendy is a turkey vulture and Alex is a bald eagle
1.24.10 019
1.24.10 021
Gorgeous Lion....but, not kidding...this lion came down from the ledge to the edge of his area...looked us right in the eyes and charged at us and growled. I have never seen or experienced that before...terrifying...even though I knew he couldn't get to us. Maybe it was my mother's instinct.
1.24.10 020
Get it...Asian falls..haha!
1.24.10 022
Kinley and Uncle Alex make a cute matching pic!

We loved the zoo and we have another fun zoo trip planned very soon....stay tuned!

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Honey said...

Looks like a fun day! I love the pic of Ben and Kinley. I want to frame that one!