Wednesday, August 1, 2012

hello again friends....

Goodness gracious! Summer is just flying by. I feel like when I finally lift my head up it will be over! We have been busy every weekend of July are exhausted around here..and this pic of Kinley pretty much sums us up:
Here is a little photo dump of what we have been up to.

Kinley finished her first gymnastics class.
She takes class the same place Kristen and I took 20 years ago....with the same owner and teachers.
 It is like a time warp but, Kinley absolutely LOVES gymnastics.
She thrives there and has a blast.
She had a fantastic class with some of her friends (and some of my mommy friends).
We have all been watching gymnastics in the Olympics (Go TEAM USA!!)....which we are totally addicted to around here. It is on everyday till 11:00 every night. I sacrifice sleep to watch every night. I just love it.
 But, back to gymnastics...each week was so much fun for us all because Kinley would go play with her friends (Aslynn, Tatum, Joey, and Briden), I would talk with my friends, and Ty could play with all the other younger siblings in the waiting area.
The last week of the session was parent observation day and we all got to go in the gym to watch all their progress. It is pretty hilarious at this age.
And lets be honest, there is not a chance that Kinley has a real future in gymnastics since there is pretty much no way she will be 5 foot nothing but for now, we are embracing it.
These pics are pretty horrible because they are all from my phone but, you get the idea. gymnastics IMG_2172 IMG_2173
Alison, me and Jessica watching IMG_2176 Aslynn
I got to go celebrate my high school friend Jen's bachelorette party with an overnight, night-out with my besties. It was a blast.
Just coloring Kristen's shoes with sharpie because she wante black instead of nude. IMG_2201 Congrats Jen-Ren! IMG_2203 We celebrated Austin's 1st birthday! Don't know where my pic of the birthday boy is...but, his airplane theme party was SO cute, we loved seeing almost all the Howe side of the family and the photo ops were a plenty.
How cute is my pilot godson Grady in the hat and goggles!? IMG_2236
Aubrey & Kinley
Other than that...we have been doing lots of just hanging around the house.
We are super boring.
Sweet sister feeding Ty a bottle IMG_2255
Some evening driveway sitting and car driving...
IMG_2247 IMG_2245
And, we pretty much live in princess attire.
I am assuming her dream job in life will not be a stylist.
But, she can pull it off.
Hopefully a lot more consistent blogging coming soon.

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