Thursday, August 2, 2012

a mini heartbreak

Last week, our little world changed around here. 
Our dear friends, the Fogles, moved to Illinois. 
 It is something we knew was coming for a while and we tried hard to prepare ourselves for but, nonetheless, the week was filled with spending time together nonstop and lots of tears. 
 I haven't really been able to blog about it yet because it just makes their move that much more final to me. 
 I was so worried for months about how Kinley would handle daily life without Eden that I don't think I realized how hard it would hit me. 
 It is totally surreal to have spent time with someone on a weekly basis for 4 years, hanging out once to twice a week and talking almost daily and then have them gone from your life the next week. Just planning our schedule for this week seemed totally incomplete without a play date with Jen, Eden and Jack. 

 We became friends with Matt and Jen right before she find out she was pregnant with Eden and we were the first people to know. She didn't mean to tell us really...just blurted it out. And before Eden was born they knew we were pregnant before we told anyone really either. Ben and I had just found out and were processing it mentally when we were over at their house for dinner and she asked me if we were going to try for a baby soon.  I responded by saying "We are not currently trying." I thought that was so smooth.
And she caught me right then and there. She knew it was because I was already pregnant. No one else knew. It was crazy.  

Jen is really the only person I have gone through pregnancy with, to having a first born girl and then a son. 
 I know now it was totally a God thing that our lives sort of mirrored each other for these early years of raising my kids. 
 He knew I needed someone else going through the exact same experiences as me, in the same surroundings, with the same people, to bounce ideas, concerns, questions, and stories off of. Our friendship has always been just...easy. You know, you never really have to try too hard, or dress cute, or even shower, or be in the best mood to hang out. You just hang out. I know she parents her kids and disciplines similarly to is just easy. 

Ty and Jack are just starting to really enjoy each other and I am sad that they won't get to do that every week now. 

But, I don't think I can truly describe what sweet friends Kinley and Eden are to each other. 
 Kinley is an absolute joy to raise and has such a sweet disposition. But, she can be totally challenging to me. 
 She is eccentric and totally passionate about random things. She lives in her own world like 90% of the time. She is constantly creating and making up scenarios and playing pretend. Sometimes other kids don't mesh with that or get it really. Eden is the same way. They really don't know life any different. Whatever Kinley would scream out at the top of her lungs to start playing or pretending, Eden would jump right on it, go with it, and add a princess dress. 
 It is SO special to listen to them play or talk to each other. 

 Our last week was filled with so, so many activities. We talked and played everyday. They started talking on ichat so they would be ready for it when the Fogles got to Illinois. 
 Jen hosted a fun mommy / daughter night for all Eden's closest friends. It was so fun! photo-172 IMG_2159 And I took some pics of the girls just playing at our house one day....dress up, of course. IMG_0895 IMG_0894 
And they decided to paint all over themselves and made a gigantic mess. 
 IMG_0911 IMG_2220 IMG_0898 IMG_0904 IMG_0903 IMG_0902 IMG_0901 IMG_0900 
So, of course, they had to take a bath together. It's like one of their favorite things to do. IMG_0906 IMG_0909 IMG_0910 
 It was hard to tell if Kinley was really understanding what it meant that Eden was moving away. I mean, she is only three years old. 
 But, that day when she was sitting in her car seat next to Eden in my car, I think she started to understand. 
At the drive through at McDonalds Eden was so excitedly talking about her new room and bathroom and new house in Illinois 
and Kinley said 
"We will pick you up at the airport with a sign when you come back." 
To which Eden responded 
"I am not going to come back. Just for my birthday and Christmas." 
And tears just started coming down Kinley's face. 
 She almost could not even go on and enjoy the day she was so sad that Eden would be leaving. 
 Eden was SO sweet trying to console her saying "It's ok, Kinley....Don't Cry....I will be back." 
 I was crying too and Eden was trying to help me out by telling me Kinley's crying would not last 
"It's ok Lindsay...Jack does this all the time." 
 It was so cute and sweet I couldn't help but laugh. 

 I have been praying since they day they decided to follow God to Illinois that Kinley will have another friend that gets her the way Eden does. I laid in bed by her one night this week just praying over her and was brought to tears again. Not because she won't get over it...she will. She is 3 years old. I just know how much she loves Eden and feels totally accepted and comfortable with her. I just want that again for her. 

 I know she will have it. God is so faithful and I know he will provide that for her. I am also so confident that our friendship with the Fogles will continue on forever. We are so, so fortunate that we live so close to most of our family. But, it is weird. None of my best friends live near me. Kristen lives in Tyler, Allison lives in Temple, my college roomie, Lindsay, lives in Florida, and now Jen lives in Illinois. But, I love them all dearly and am close with them all. They have all moved around a lot too and have similar experiences with all of their best friends too. 

 It is funny how life changes like that and people you love and don't think you can live a day without...move. And God provides someone else. 

 Sorry for the overly emotional essay of a post about friends that moved.....just only a plane ride away...nothing catastrophic or anything to get too worked up over....go ahead and roll your eyes at me. There are SO many more difficulties in life, I know. And, I am super excited for the Fogles and what God has in store for Matt's ministry in Illinois. 
 But, last week we suffered a mini-heartbreak around here.


Honey said...

What a blessing the Fogles have been to your family. I am bawling, too, just reading this. God is faithful and will bring another best friend. It's so great you have so many "best" friends all over the country!

Nina said...

Oh Linds that just makes my heart hurt for Kinley, and you. I am not eye rolling one bit, I hate that my BFF is in Ft. Worth, ha!

Camila said...

Such a sweet post! I can totally relate to best friends scattered across the country. It is HARD not to have "your people" nearby. Best friends are a special thing.

Misty said...

oh your sweet little girl~ it's amazing what they can understand at 3 years old! prayers to y'all!!

kristen said...

oh that just makes me cry. I am so so sad that they had to move. I know that is just heartbreaking. I know they were just such a huge part of your life. And kinley is just the most lovable, kind wonderful person and I know that there will be a line of girls that get her and want to be with her because she is just a light. I am just so sad it can't be eden! and jen and jack!! ahhh. I love your sweet prayers for her and ty and I know God is so faithful and is listening. Thank you for being such a wonderful example of love and kindness and loyalty to everyone. love you guys.

Olivia Howe said...

I made the mistake of reading this during a break of a deposition I am taking. Really unprofessional to be tearing up during work! They are so sweet and I know Kinley will have so many other friends that are just perfect for her!