Monday, February 13, 2012

O'fish'al valentines

Happy Valentines Day!
I hope you guys are celebrating with your family and friends in some small way.
I am not the biggest valentines day fan. I think its kinda cheesy as an adult (although i did get a super sweet note from my hubby this morning).. but, as a kid I think it is so much fun. Making valentines to give to your friends at school is total blast! All that candy and sweet notes. Love it!
It was a close toss up between the heartbreaker valentines from MADE we did last year and these adorable goldfish valentines I saw on pinterest this year. I decided on the goldfish because they seemed easier but I couldn't find the clear box things and I also wanted somethings sweet in there too. So, I bought some mini-chinese to go boxes from Hobby Lobby and Kinley filled them all up with goldfish and swedish fish. A little sweet and a little salty is right up my alley.
This was so fun because she really did so much of this all by herself.
I hot-glued a saying to each side and they were ready to go!
Kinley was so not done valentine-ing by then so we used some puffy conversation heart stickers and cut out hearts to make some homemade valentines.
I also used my silhouette today to make Kinley a valentines shirt. I went with pink and black because those are the colors of the month for her school.
Today is also 5 months old today...what cute little valentines they are!
Also, this is my favorite valentines decoration and something I can still get excited about as an adult.
Happy Valentines Day!


Allison said...

I love the valentines! And Kinleys shirt! SO SO cute! I wish I had some salty and sweet fish right now, those are the perfect combo. I can't believe how big Kinley and Ty are getting! I can't wait to see yall sometime soon!

Jan said...

Too cute! I LOVE the way you let Kinley help with with so many things. Building memories! New scrensaver for me...Kinley and Ty! I love you sweeet niece.

Camila said...

OMG we made the SAME Valentine just a little different presentation. Too good of a pun to pass up!!