Sunday, February 12, 2012

time just keeps flying...

wow...i feel like i say this all the time but i can't believe it has been a week since i blogged! time just keeps getting away from me and flying by like crazy. i truly cannot believe it is mid-february. i need to come up for air! just a few iphone pics of what we have been up to this week...

we finally cleaned up stage one of the home office makeover. I have a pinterest board dedicated to my fav home office looks and mine does not come close yet..but, i like it so far. we repurposed 2 separate brown pieces we had and painted them white to combine them into one great storage piece for the office. we also re-arranged the room a little. stage 2 include painting the room, selling our couch and getting a couple chairs to replace it and repurposing more furniture. it is a slow process but, i love a project.
the two pieces before...
and after..
ben and i also had a date night on thursday and went out to dallas to see the jean paul gaultier exhibit at the dallas museum of art. my incredibly talented cousin jessica designed/coordinated the exhibit and it is truly it really was so well done and i am just so proud of her. no pics allowed in the actual exhibit but here is a taste. the sad thing is that today was the last day of the exhibit so if you haven't seen missed it and it is totally your loss. maybe go to san francisco to see it. i think that's where it goes next.

friday night we got to hang out at alex & mendy's and that was so fun. we made stromboli's for dinner and that is my new fav meal to make. we just took store bought pizza dough...cut it in half and put anything you want inside, lots of cheese, wrap it up and bake it. they were to.die.for. i can't wait to make them again...and even though she doesn't eat them...kinley loved the process of making them.
photo 1
photo 2
photo 4
about to go in the oven...
photo 5
all done!
photo 1
the girls...
photo 2
the boys...
photo 3
then it was time for homemade oatmeal butterscotch cookies
photo 4
and ty just playing
photo 5

saturday we went to great wolf lodge for avery's 6th birthday. it was totally a child's dream and kinley could not get enough. kris will post more on that but here are some cute pics of kinley and sassy at dinner. they were cracking us up.
and one of Ty just for good measure...he was a trooper!
whew! it has been a crazy week but, so much fun. can't wait for valentines day and some more fun parties this week!


Nina said...

I went to the Jean Paul exhibition yesterday, it was amazing! No idea that was Jessica she did awesome :)

kristen said...

i love that office redo! that looks amazing! and the strombolis! and the exhibition I know was just amazing! thank y'all so much for coming this weekend! we love y'all so much!! where did the valentine post go????