Tuesday, December 14, 2010

sweet babies

It has been pretty non-stop for us around the house lately. This weekend Ben was gone on his annual Lazbuddie pheasant hunting trip. He loved it...and I loved spending some quality mommy-daughter time and lots of fun with friends. Friday night Mendy spent the night after a fun girls dinner with Cheryl and all the Read girls. It was a fun night out! Saturday morning we went to Leighton Booth's 1 year old birthday party. I WISH I had some pics from it...it was fantastic. Donuts with Santa, a bounce house, endless delicious food and Christmas crafts and everyone...of all ages in Christmas pjs! It was so, so fun! Saturday night was our annual CHHS high school girls get together. It gets harder every year to get girls together...but, we enjoyed so much getting to catch up! No pics from this either...so weird! But, we did have Kristen and all her kiddos spend Saturday night with us! So, so much fun for Kinley to have her friends over when she went to bed and when she woke up! All the kids slept great all night long.
Monday we got to keep Eden while Jen ran some last minute Christmas errands with Baby Jack. He is so stinkin cute. Kinley and Eden played great together and copied everything each other did. You know how I feel about copying and matching my friends...Kinley loves it too!
Well, thats what we have been up to lately. I asked for a new camera for Christmas...so, hopefully I will have much better pics soon!

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Allison said...

So sweet! I love all the pics and christmas jammies!