Wednesday, December 22, 2010

homemade gifts

i love homemade gifts...not everyone does....sometimes they seem dorky...but, i love the thought and effort and creativity behind homemade gifts. i did not think too much outside the box this year and other than the circle scarves and christmas countdown blocks, i do not have any additional homemade gifts of my own to showcase. fortunately, i have lots of creative and thoughtful friends!

Kinley's "Hand-painted" Tile

Kinley's teachers sent this sweet poem and "hand-painted" tile home for the parents in Kinley's class. It just made me tear up when I read it. So special!

Jen's Blessing Block

Jen made these "Blessing Blocks" for her friends and family. She just got a piece of wood from Hobby Lobby painted it black, mod podged some pretty scrapbook paper and adhesive letters to it, spray-painted and hot-glued a magnetic clip, and topped it off with some festive tulle ribbon. Isn't it so cute!

Lauryn's Cross

Lauryn made me this amazing cross! She cut the wood herself and added broken mirror pieces and colored stones to it with tan-colored caulk. Then she went over the mirror pieces with a little tan paint to make it more antique-looking and finished it off with a rhinestone cross. I just love it. It really is this gorgeous in person. I can't wait to make room for it on my cross wall!

Jordan's Cornhole Boards

We were SO excited to get Gary these Cornhole boards for Christmas. My friend at work, Regan, let me know that her husband, Jordan, makes these boards in his free time. They are seriously works of art! He is so, so talented and as soon as I saw them I knew we had to get some 'K-State' themed ones for Gary. Jordan was fabulous and through Regan sent me 3 or 4 markup drawings of different options of colors and images, etc. I really can't tell you how awesome these are. Here are a couple of different boards I have seen and Gary's boards. If you ever, ever need these please let me know and I can get you in touch with Jordan. You will not find any better!
How talented are my friends!?!?


Allison said...

I love all these! That handprint tree is so sweet. What great gifts! I might have to google what a cornhole board is:/ They look great but I have no idea what its for? Maybe you throw a football through the hole?...

Allison said...

ok I just googled it and it's the perfect gift for Gary! He loves a good tailgate!

Jan said...

Your friends AND YOU are all amazingly talented! I love you.