Friday, October 8, 2010

homecoming parade and d-group girls!

Last night Kinley, Lauryn and I met up with Matt, Jen and Eden to watch the Colleyville Heritage High School homecoming parade and pep rally. It is crazy to go back to high school things at your old high school. Ten years seems like no time at all and then like forever in the same moment. It was Kinley's first parade and she loved watching the cars go by, waving to the students, and basically just eating candy for dinner. Lots of candy. Maybe that's why she woke up in the middle of the nutrition and candy for dinner is not a good combo.

Anyway, I was super excited to go to the parade because my D-group girls were ALL in it! D-groups are a devotional/discipleship group of a few high school students at our church Compass Christian Church. It is my first year to be a D-group leader and I could not be blessed with more awesome girls. They are all seniors in high school and they are sweet, funny, compassionate, unique, godly young women. They are all super involved in school and at church. I am clueless why I get to be their leader and positive that I learn as much or more from them every week as they do. I am sure this is not the last post you will see about my girls. I will surely get way too attached and be devastated when they leave me for college.
abbe & amy
Krysta & Cassie
After the parade, we headed over to the field for the pep rally where we watched the drill team dance and a fireworks show! Kinley did MUCH better with fireworks this time than for the 4th of July.
Eden put her hand on her heart for the National Anthem....SO cute!
Kinley danced to the music...and tried to cheese it up...
Such a fun night!

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Honey said...

I have fond memories of the Homecoming parade. Glad Kinley liked the fireworks this time. I know you are loving your D-group girls!