Monday, October 4, 2010

harrison family dinner

It has become a tradition around here that we have "Harrison family dinner" on Sunday nights. It almost always includes many other friends / family besides just the Harrison's. It is so fun to get together and I love to see who all comes every Sunday. We have switched it up a couple times and had it over here before, gone out to eat, or skipped a Sunday or two...but, pretty much for the entire summer we have had a big dinner every Sunday night at the Harrison's. Cheryl is a fabulous cook and it is always amazing to see what she whips up for so many people. She notoriously cooks way too much...which....I think she actually does on purpose so she can send Mendy & I home with leftovers so we won't have to cook one night during the week ...and it is always delicious. Last night was no exception. Cheryl cooked up an amazing king ranch casserole, salad, shrimp cocktail and bread pudding. I think there ended up being 15 adults, 2 kids, and 3 dogs. It was crazy as ever...and so much fun. I love, love, love this tradition....I am sure Cheryl is exhausted every monday morning from all her intruders....but, I hope they know how special, relaxing, and fun it is for us all.
Picnik collage
Kinley loved having Eden there to play with too. I am all about matching and Jen and I plan to match quite a bit...but, this time we didn't even plan it! So cute!
eden & kinley
This weekend we also got to keep both Brinkley and Oxford (Ashley & Neil's puppy). Kinley loved it because for many of her car rides my lap, while driving looked like this...
she looked like this....
kinley & brinkley
Such a fun weekend! till next Sunday!


kristen said...

love harrison family dinner!! we are coming next week :)

Honey said...

Such a fun evening! Thanks to Cheryl & Gary for hosting...they are so welcoming to everyone and Cheryl makes it all look so easy and always has the most delicious dishes. I'm making the bread pudding this week!

Jan said...

What awesome people to host dinner every week! Looks like ya'll know how to have fun!

Allison said...

I wanna come too!! How fun is your mother-n-law!! I love the sunday night dinners! Love those target dresses too:)