Sunday, October 10, 2010

fall decor...and a not so great mirror project

I have been getting inspired lately by all the fabulous fall decor posts from other bloggers like this one! I decided I should get in the spirit and so this week I decided to surprise Ben with a clean house full of fall decor when he got home from work! He usually is super excited once we start this decorating season because he knows that putting up the Christmas tree is just around the corner! So, here is a little peak of fall at our house!
I like to use runners on my antique wood table but, I didn't have a fall, the cheap budgeter in me decided to make a runner from 4 placemats....a little ghetto...but, it works!IMG_3106
This is definitely Kinley's favorite addition. We have to go outside and wave, talk to, and pat, pat, pat the scarecrow every morning, after nap, every evening....multiple times daily.
I love odd pumpkins and blue corn...the more crazy colors, shapes, and imperfections the better.

Also, we were sitting around the house this weekend with Mendy and Alex and she randomly turned to me and told me I needed to re-spray-paint my mantle mirror a "bold color." She said Nate Berkus said on his show that we should not be shy of color as long as we have some neutrals to anchor it. I love it when someone makes a decision for me and just tells me what to do with my, we went immediately to Lowe's and decided on this mustard yellow color. (probably because of the amazing celebrate yellow fiesta on MADE) We were super excited about the project...but, the end result did not exactly elicit the excitement I was looking for. I definitely feel like everyone showcases the amazing "before and after" photos of craft projects...but, for me...there are just as many misses as hits....and here is just one of them.
By far, it is always the fun of the project and the creating phase that I love....but, my husband said he would be happy to re-spray-paint it again, any color I choose.....because it is not staying this color. Another trip to Lowe's for us, I guess!


kristen said...

i love the yellow~ but i get that ben has to love it too. i really love the fall decor! linds-you are so great at that!! i cant wait to see it in person!

Honey said...

So festive...I love that you and Mendy can have fun spray painting your mirror!

Honey said...

BTW...where is a pic of Kinley in this blog????

Jan said...

Ok, now I need to get my fall stuff out and decorate. Even though my stuff looks like a Walmart special! I like the yellow mirror too! I love you.

Mindy Rives said...

Hey girl! Great to hear from you....thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! Love your blog too! Your family is precious! HAPPY FALL!!!