Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Boss!

Not to overdo the birthday posts...but, it is someone very special's birthday today and I have to say Happy Birthday to Boss!

My dad is the kindest, most loyal, supportive, wise man. I am over the moon for him and always have been. In the first couple years of our marriage Ben had to remind me that I should ask him for advice, directions, etc before running to or calling my dad. I had a hard time "leaving and cleaving"...if you know what I mean. I just could not let go! I have gotten to see a whole other side of my dad since having Kinley. I feel like I get a tiny glimpse into what he was like with me in the early years of being a daddy. He is so loving, nurturing and just SO wrapped around her little finger :-) He is such an example of a father, husband, son, and friend. I love him so much and I just want him to feel celebrated today!
I love you daddy!

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Jan said...

Boss is the only one I've ever seen Kinley hug and squeeze like that EVERY time she hugs him. She's one lucky granddaughter!!! That's for sure! And, yes sweet niece, you are definitely seeing a glimpse of how your daddy loved you as a little girl and the light of his life. I love you.