Friday, September 17, 2010

Lakehouse Re-do Update

Last weekend Mendy, Kinley and I headed out to the lakehouse on Thursday night for a girls work-weekend at the lake. We concentrated on Mendy & Alex's room. We have had the paint for their room for months but, this summer has been so busy that we have not been back to the lakehouse to work since June. We worked fast and furious and got their room painted and 14 panel curtains made (13 for Alex & Mendy's room and 1 for Kinley's room). We painted during Kinley's nap and both brought our sewing machines and busted out the curtains after she went to bed. Friday the Barstads came out to visit us because Tyler is only like 45 minutes away from the pics from this for some reason...but, we played in the lake and Kinley LOVED having the kids around to play. We will have to do that more often. Ben also ended up coming to spend the night Friday night and he thought we were crazy for loving to sew and paint for the whole weekend.
Kinley ate some chips on Alex & Mendy's bed while we finished painting. She loved it.
I don't know who loved the lake more....Kinley or Brinkley

Also, my wonderful father-in-law, Gary, requested an updated before vs. after post for the lakehouse because so much has been done! Here they go starting with our latest update:

Mendy & Alex's Room
Picnik collage

Ben & Lindsay's Room
Ben & Lindsay's Room

Kinley's Room
Kinley's room

The Boat House
Boat House

The Backyard
Picnik collage
The Firepit and the new Outdoor Shower!!
We still have some work to do in Gary & Cheryl's room and in the main living areas and kitchen...but, we have come so far in just a few months! More updates to come!


Allison said...

I love before and after pics! Everything looks amazing! You guys have done such a fabulous job. The pic of kinley eating potato chips is so cute! Can't wait to see you guys soon!

kristen said...

we loved seeing you guys!! it was so great to be so close and the house looks incredible. i mean, amazing. you guys did such a great job!! cant wait to come back!