Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Norbert "Chub" Lamke

I love blogging and it is so fun and kind of an escape from the real world to read about and post creative ideas and projects and all the happy/funny things that happen in our little world here. But, it would not be about our life if I did not post some "real" moments as well.

This past Thursday, Ben's grandpa passed away. It was not expected, but at 89 years old, he had lived a full, happy, and healthy life and the Lord just called him home. I wondered how or if I should even post about our recent trip to St. Louis for the funeral. But, memories are memories and I want Kinley and to know just how wonderful "Chub" was.

What I know about "Chub" was that he was probably never over 180 pounds in his life but, everyone called him "Chub". He served our Country in the United States Navy. He was an eternal optimist, never cynical or sarcastic, always saw the positive things in life, never had too much, and never wanted for anything. He was an amazing husband who loved his wife more than anything and served her faithfully all 57 years of their marriage. He was an incredible father who helped raise 5 kids, including my amazing mother-in-law, Cheryl, and said his only regret in life was that he worked the night shift to provide for them and missed out on some time with his kids at night. He was a totally innovative and creative grandfather to 14 grandkids who all adore him and have stories upon stories of memories of playing washers, pinochle tournaments, singing "The Old Beer Bottle" song, or just sitting around in lawn chairs in the backyard and drinking a beer. I know that he is a man that my husband has learned a lot about life, love, and family from.

I am fortunate that we can celebrate the life he led and the legacy he leaves.
Even though it is sad to to get together for such an occasion...it was great to see Ben's family and cousins that live all over the country. We spent some time in the backyard remembering Grandpa and catching up.
Picnik collage
Uncle Jim found this box of old wooden blocks in the basement that Chub had gotten together for his kids and grandkids to play with. This box and has been around forever! It was Kinley's turn to play with them!
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
Honeymoon 385


Honey said...

I can see Chub's characteristics in Cheryl and her sons. He sounds like a great man who gave so much love and was loved so much in return. What a blessing!

Allison said...

What a sweet post! I loved reading it:)

Kristi said...

This was a great tribute to Ben's grandfather. We have been thinking about y'all and praying for everyone! Love you!

Cheryl said...

Thank you Lindsay for such a nice tribute. I appreciate your love and support.

kristen said...

that was such a kind and thoughtful post about an obviously wonderful man. so glad you guys got to catch up with everyone and honor chub. love you.

Elaine Bahner- Chubs No. 3 daughter said...

Thanks so much for posting this wonderful tribute to Dad. The photos are great and so appreciated!!