Tuesday, April 6, 2010

P is for Presents

Kinley got some fantastic homemade presents at her party this weekend and I just had to do a blogpost to showcase them. I have such incredibly creative and talented friends. She had so much fun opening them with all her friends!
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Picnik collage
Mendy and Alex made Kinley this fabulous toy box / dres-up trunk. They bought just a brown wooden stained trunk from Hobby Lobby and then distressed it with black paint and hand painted the letters on top, the flowers and the scripture on the back. And yes, Mendy did hand draw those letters, not stencil! It is amazing and everyone at the party was envious that they did not have one for themselves!
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Kristen made a these fantastic alphabet blocks that are SO cute...and so PERFECT for the theme! I loved the colors she picked for Kinley's blocks and the beautiful box that she had Jeff stain. I know Kinley will use them for years to come!
4.5.10 208
Allison made these incredible Russian dolls for Kinley. They are so special because she made each doll look like one of Kinley's best friends (Kristen and Allison's kids). She made them in age order and each one had something unique about them that represents that kid. She also put their initial and name on the back of each doll to go with the theme.
4.5.10 188
4.5.10 189
Lauryn also made Kinley one of her famous one-year birthday party tutu's. She makes the most beautiful tutu's that everyone wants them and she can't ever stray from that gift! (well, for girls that is :-) It is so beautiful and I know Kinley will wear it and love to dress up in it!
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I bet you all wish you had all these amazingly creative friends too!


Kendahl said...

Such cute stuff! Kinley really is blessed to have such great (and creative) friends!! :) Looks like a great party, Happy 1st year of life Kinley!!! Hope you all are doing well!!

Kendahl said...

Oh and if Mendy and Alex wanna make another toy chest, my birthday is Jan 4th :) Ha! SOooooo cute!

kristen said...

i am just so glad we could be there!! she is just the cutest and sweetest angel. love her. and hope yall are having so much fun at the zoooooo!! wish we were there!! yall really need a season pass!!