Wednesday, April 21, 2010

the hidden golf ball

Monday we went over to hang out with Momma Gay and Pepa. It is so fun to see Kinley interact with her great-grandparents! How blessed she is to have some of her great-grandparents so close!

Kinley played in Momma Gay's grandmother's rocking chair! So, that is Kinley's Great-Great-Great Grandmother's rocking chair! It is so cute and antique white and totally reminds me of Ella's Granny's Chair.
Picnik collage
4.21.10 004
Then we played outside with Momma Gay's box of balls. Yep, I said it. Kinley loves them. She could not get enough. It was so cute to see them play together.
Picnik collage
4.21.10 014
While we were playing on the porch. Pepa was walking the yard. I have memories of Pepa walking the yard as long as I can remember. He looks at the flowers, plants, the fence, picks weeds, etc. It is so sweet and familiar to me. Then he came over to play with Kinley too. He helped her up to the porch and patted her on the bottom. So cute.
4.21.10 016
Picnik collage
Then Pepa decided to hide a golf ball in Kinley's shirt. She was very confused at first and it was hilarious watching her try to get it out.
We treasure the times we have with Momma Gay and Pepa. We don't take a minute for granted and we are so thankful for every moment. We can't wait till next time!


Allison said...

That is just like ella's granny chair for sure! So sweet, I love it! Kinleys face is so cute with the hidden golf ball! haha! She is getting so big, I miss you guys!

kristen said...

she is so cute!! I LOVE the chair!! adorable!!