Thursday, April 1, 2010

family celebration

We had a small family celebration for Kinley on Tuesday with all her grandparents, Ben, me and Uncle Alex! It was such a great time and all day Kinley was beside herself. It is like she knew it was her birthday and all about her. I made a funfetti cake with cream cheese icing and pink sprinkes..not a very pretty one, but, a cake, nonetheless. Kinley approached the cake like she does everything else in life. She was a little hesitant at first...very delicately began to see what the cake was all about...and then went for it after being sure it was ok. She opened a few presents from Honey and Boss including clothes, Dora and Kai-Lan DVDs, a dog that barks and walks (she LOVED) and 2 new DVD players for the that she is a forward-facer!

Also, my dad, or Boss, did the sweetest thing and got me some beautiful tulips with the sweetest card to say congrats on my first year of being a great mom. SO thougtful!

3.31.10 189
Family pics outside before dinner:
3.31.10 002
3.31.10 004
3.31.10 003
She loved us all staring at her and singing "Happy Birthday" to her.
Picnik collage
Very carefully checking out the cake...
Picnik collage
until she was full-on into it and throwing it on the ground as usual.
Picnik collage
She loved opening all her own presents and pulling out all her clothes! She kept carrying around the sacs like a purse. It is crazy how that comes so naturally to girls!
Picnik collage
She was in awe of her little puppy dog.
Picnik collage
By the end of the night...she HAD to put on her new swimsuit.
3.31.10 034
Now, we can't WAIT for the big party on Saturday!!!

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