Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kinley's Rocking Chairs

Kinley has two of her very own rocking chairs, one at our house and one at my parents. Her chair here is pink, personalized, and a fantastic gift from Ben's aunt and uncle, Lisa and Rick. She has just recently re-discovered it and she LOVES it. She loves to crawl into it and rock back and forth. These pics were taken first thing in the morning before we even left her room after getting dressed...she just loves it!
1.13.10 006
1.13.10 007
1.13.10 005
1.13.10 003
1.13.10 004
1.13.10 002

Mom's rocking chair for her (and her other cousins/siblings to come) was made by a good friend from their church, Ed Crater. Let me re-iterate...he made this... carved it by hand out of solid wood, sanded it and put a finisher on it and it is all put together with wooden screws. It is pretty amazing. It is heavy, sturdy and low to the ground and Kinley loves to crawl in it and stand up. She has recently started dancing and bouncing up and down in this rocking chair. My mom took this video yesterday. We try unsucessfully at the end to get her to walk to me....but, she is super close! Can't wait for that video soon too! I can't believe she is big enough to almost walk!!


Allison said...

So cute Kinley! You are gonna be walking in no time!

kristen said...

sooo cute!!! i cant believe she is almost walking! it goes so fast!!! ben and sass love to watch her videos!! they smile and laugh and we have to watch it over and over!!

jojo said...

She is doing so great with the climbing. She is so brave. I think walking is close. Can't wait to see.