Sunday, January 24, 2010

An Engagement Party Gift

So, I am so into creating my own gifts lately and last night I went to an engagement party for my friends, David and Ashley. They are getting married this summer and the party was SO much fun! We ate, drank, toasted, watched them open presents and then danced the night away! It was a blast! Wish I had pics from the party...but, instead I have pics of the gift I made them. Ashley said it was their first gift with their new last name :-)

1.24.09 001
First I painted a plain canvas a neutral khaki color (since I am not sure what their home decor will look like)
1.24.09 003
Next, buy a cute frame...
1.24.09 002
then tie a ribbon to the frame...
1.24.09 005
get some self-adhesive vinyl, cut out your design on a Cricut, and press it on the canvas
1.24.09 004
The finished product! Such a great party engagement gift!


Olivia Howe said...

Love it! This is what I want for Christmas next year :)

Allison said...

SO cute Lindsay! You could so sell these! I love that cricut font, I gotta get some more!

Honey said...

Great idea, you crafty little thing! It looks so professional. I'm sure they love it.

kristen said...

soooo cute!! love this!! such a thoughtful gift. i know they just loved it.

Natalie said... where are you getting all these cute ideas? Are they really coming straight from your brain? LOVE IT! How far are you with the playhouse? I have to see it!