Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Ranch

This weekend was Kinley's first trip to East Texas. Mom, Dad, Ben, me, Kinley and Matt went to visit Inie & Bull. It was a wonderful weekend to spend time with them and to visit the Ranch. We had good food, good conversation, a few games of 42 and a trip to the ranch. Here are a few pics of our weekend. I am trying to upload the video that is super cute too! Check back later! We love you Inie and Bull!

Kinley loves Inie's dog Jim Bo
Inie put her baby doll's hat on Kinley.
Matt got to brand a piece of wood with Bull's Flying H Brand...I know that has to hurt the cows!

Cousin Jeremy made this Flying H piece of wood for Bull's shop

This is the train car that those crazy boys sometimes bunk in when they come hunt the way would I be in there!

One of the many tractors in Bull's barn

Bull built some new big green shelves in the barn

Kinley also loves Bull's cowdog Trey

Kinley in Bull's chair in his shop

Four Generations

Bull let us know that he is the first person in his family since they came over on the boat to America to see his great-grandchildren!


kristen said...

those pictures are soooooo cute!! she looks so good in stripes!! and inie and bull look so happy! love it!! love the four generations pic too. perfect. miss yall.

Allison said...

What a fun trip! I can't wait to see the video!