Saturday, August 8, 2009

Alex Graduates!

Friday night Alex graduated from ACU! Congrats Alex! We are so excited we could be there. One funny story....Alex's favorite cake / dessert ever was the wedding cake from Ben and my wedding. It is white cake with rasberry filling from Creme de la Creme. So, Cheryl was being the greatest mother EVER and ordered him his favorite cake to celebrate graduating. After the ceremony we went out to eat at Lytle steakhouse with all the Harrison's and Alex's girlfriend, Mendy's family. Gary went to go get the cake and bring it to Lytle for dessert. A few minutes later Alex got a call. Ben could tell by Alex's face something had happened and said "He dropped the cake didn't he." and Alex nodded "Yes." We convinced Gary the cake was too good to leave on the, he picked up the smashed box and brought it anyway...take a look at the cake and some pics from graduation below.
Gary got to hood cute!
It was still delicious and we even took some home in a to-go box!

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