Monday, August 10, 2009

Nick & Sam's grill

For the last 2 years since Bart graduated A&M and started working at JPMorgan Chase in Dallas we have had lunch every week or every other week. I never knew how special those lunches would be to me. We have grown really close during these last couple years. We have walked all over downtown Dallas during lunchtime, ate at many different places and talked about everything. We ate at Subway and La Madeleine in the E&Y building, many different places in the Plaza of Americas, a few times with Jessica at the Dallas Museum of Art, all over Uptown at Pei Wei, PD Johnson's, Which Wich, etc. We went to eat at St. John's cafe and he watched me practice singing at Dallas Baptist Church before his wedding. Sometimes we had other people come with us...sometimes just us. Either way, it has been a blast. Ever since Kinley has been born Bart has made the effort or coordinated the effort to see her every week...I know he has never gone more than 10 days without seeing her. It has been so much fun. And our weekly lunches have led us the last 4 months to Nick & Sam's grill everytime. Mom and Kinley and I go pick Bart up and we go Nick & Sams. We love Nick & Sams...we always sit outside...Bart always orders the special...we always make sure to get the sweet potato fries and it has bee a blast. Today was our last weekly lunch with Bart before he and Olivia move to Boston. It was a really special day because our whole family got to go. Mom, Dad, Me, Bart, Matt and Kinley. Bart, we have had so much fun with you and will miss these lunches so much. Have fun in Boston and find a good place for us to go to lunch when we come visit you. We love you!

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Kendall Nicole said...

Hey Lindsay! I am so glad you commented and I was able to see your blog! It looks great and I love the name of it. So cute! And that Kinley is just precious! I can't believe she is already 4 months old!
And you look great, too! When I saw pictures of you it made me remember all the fun times we had when we were little and what a great history we have. You were one of my earliest friends! Even though it's been awhile, I still love you and have such a sweet attachment to you and your family. Glad to see you guys are doing great!